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Membership Options

                                           Seasonal Pool Membership

(The primary account holder may be 9 years or older with guardian consent)

*Passes not eligible for subscription billing

*No admission to BRA member events without additional charges

Individual: $140 total


Family (Up to 6 people): $350 total

  • Add-on Member <19 years old: $50 total

Membership benefits include:

  • Member of the pool & rec area Memorial Day through Labor Day

  • May bring guests for $10/day per person

  • Eligible to earn rewards for volunteer hours

BRA Annual Membership

(The primary account holder must be 18 years or older.)

Individual: $200 total ($17.17 monthly)

2-Person: $320 total ($27.47 monthly)

  • Add-ons Available

              Nanny/Babysitter Pass: $35 total ($3 monthly)

Family (Up to 6 people): $600 total ($51.50 monthly)

  • Add-ons Available

              Nanny/Babysitter Pass: $35 total ($3 monthly)

              Add-on Member < 19 years old: $50 total ($4.30 monthly)

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to the pool and rec area during all regular hours

  • Access to members-only events at all BRA facilities throughout the year

  • May bring guests to pool and rec area for $5/day per person

  • Earn double credit for volunteer hours

  • Receive a 30% discount on concessions, rentals, and more!


Lifetime BRA Membership


$1,000 initial deposit + $8.59/month until termination of membership       

* Includes all benefits and privileges of an Individual BRA membership

  • May take a leave of absence (LOA) for one year at the cost of $25. Monthly billing will be paused for 12 months; membership benefits will be suspended during LOA.

  • Each year may add up to five (5) flexible guest passes for $7.16 per month per pass

  • Additional details available upon request. 


Swim Team *Not currently available*

  • $100 per individual (In addition to BRA or Pool membership fees)

  • BRA & Pool member children ages 4-18 can compete with the Beechwood Sharks! For more information, visit the Beechwood Sharks Facebook page or email

To purchase a membership, please click the button below. Please be advised that all monthly payments are collected for a full 12 months and cannot be canceled before the full year is completed. 

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