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Swimming Trainer with Students


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Life Guard

The primary responsibility as a lifeguard is to prevent drowning and other injuries from occurring. Candidates must be able to ensure the safety of patrons by minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviors. This person will need to be able to solve on-the-job issues by utilizing effective critical thinking and decision making skills and possess the ability to work with diverse populations. Lifeguards must be able to enforce pool policies and be able to communicate effectively why policies are in place. 


Swim Instructor 

Responsible for planning, coordinating and teaching learn-to-swim and water safety courses. Hours may include weekends.


Pool Manager

Hires and supervises lifeguards and water safety instructors, and purchases supplies for pool and concessions. Processes time sheets and is in charge of scheduling.


Swim Coach

The Head Swim coach is responsible for the operation of the swim team including recruiting, communicating with parents, and coaching swimmers to be their personal best. The Head Swim Coach will also help guide, mentor and train assistant coaches in these areas.


Head Lifeguard

 A Head Lifeguard provides lead supervision for Lifeguards, monitors activities at pool, and functions as a Lifeguard.  Participates in the selection, scheduling, and assigning of Lifeguard duties.



Gate guards ensure that members and guests sign in, confirm membership number, confirm there is a current emergency form, confirm the number of guests and sells concessions. A gate guard maintains swimming pool decks, bathrooms and related areas in a clean and orderly state; checks students for attendance at swim classes; accounts for cash in connection with admission to pool facilities and concessions. Gate guards help provide for the health, welfare and safety of swimming pool patrons. Gate guards may participate in life guarding activities and in the enforcement of rules and policies relative to the swimming pool operation.

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