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Private Swim Lessons

Private Lesson Teacher:

  • One time fee of $120 in addition to membership fees

  • Must be a member of the pool or BRA. A one-time fee paid to BRA authorizes the member to be a private lesson teacher. The teacher will be added to the private lesson registry and will be responsible for all communication with students and guardians. The teacher is responsible for setting pricing and handling any financial transactions for private lessons. If the teacher requires BRA to process credit/debit cards, a 7% fee will be assessed against payment to the teacher. They must advise management of scheduled lessons including the name of the student.

Private Lesson Student (Non-member):

  • $5 per lesson paid at the gate upon entry in addition to the private teacher's fees

  • Non-members must pay an entry fee to the pool each lesson. The fee only permits the use of the pool during the duration of the private lesson. Students must exit the pool once a lesson is completed. 

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