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Swim Team

Members of the Beechwood Association and seasonal members are privileged to have the opportunity to swim with the Beechwood Sharks swim team. For the 2022 season the Sharks swim coach is Deborah Levine who has led the Sharks for the last 3 seasons. Assisting coach Levine is Margit Campbell, a veteran swimmer and coach for previous swim teams herself. The Sharks swim in the Greater Peninsula Swimming Association (GPSA) league in the blue division. The season begins May 23rd and ends July 30th.


  • June 21st @ Wendwood - 6pm

  • June 23rd @ Elizabeth Lake - 6pm

  • June 28th @ Beechwood - 6pm

  • July 11th @ Riverdale - 6pm

  • July 14th @ Beaconsdale - 6pm

  • July 18th @ Northampton - 6pm

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